Botany 940 - Systematics Seminar

Conceptual Issues in Systematics

Fall 2008

Tuesday 12:05-12:55

Birge 346

David Baum, Ken Cameron, Eve Emshwiller, Bret Larget, Ken Sytsma - instructors

Previous Seminars: New Advances (08Spring), Polyploidy (07Spring), Crop Evolution (06Fall), Evidence for Evolution (06Spring), Frontiers in Systematics (05Fall), PhyloCode (05Spring), Phylogeography (04Spring), Key Innovations (03Spring)

Date Topic Leader Link for readings at My UW or Learn@UW ; List of all references: pdf or Word
Sep 9 Monophyly and tree thinking Brian Walsh Hennig, 1966 (Chap. 1); O’Hara, 1997
Sep 16
Darwin's species concept Emily Butler Kottler, 1978; Mallett, 2008

Sep 23

Species individuality Evie Williams Ghiselin, 1974; Ereshefsky, 1992
Sep 30 Phylogenetic species concepts David Lovelace Nixon and Wheeler, 1990; Baum and Donoghue, 1995
Oct 7 Ending the species debate? Brent Berger de Queiroz et al. 2005; Pigliucci 2003
Oct 14 Quantifying diversity Stephanie McFarlane / Bryan Drew Vane-Wright et al. 1991; Faith, 2002
Oct 21 Alternative concepts of homology   Patterson, 1982; Wagner, 1989; Mindell and Meyer 2001
Oct 28 Modularity and evolvability Jonathan Lang Wagner and Altenberg 1997; Pigliucci 2008
Nov 4 Homology and evo-devo Abigail Mazie Baum and Donoghue 2002; Hall 2003
Nov 11 Definition of adaptation Armin Schulz Gould and Vrba 1982; Orzack and Sober, 1994
Nov 18 Testing adaptation for discrete traits Ben Grady Baum and Larson 1991; Kluge 2005
Nov 25 Correlated evolution as evidence of adaptation Casey Helgeson Felsenstein, 1985; Westoby et al. 1995
Dec 2 Species selection Brian Sidoti Vrba and Gould 1986; Grantham 1995
Dec 9 Key innovations Rafael Arevalo Slowinski and Guyer, 1989; Ree, 2005