Botany 940 - Systematics Seminar

Frontiers in Plant Phylogeny

Fall 2005

Tuesday 12:05-12:55

D. Baum, P. Berry, K. Sytsma - instructors

The focus of this seminar will be to examine the emerging knowledge of plant phylogenetics. We will use primarily as our reading source the October 2004 issue of the American Journal of Botany. This special issue was dedicated to synthesizing the most recent information on plant phylogenetics - from fungi and algae to flowering plants, and from molecular systematics to fossils and to evolutionary development. One or two papers will be read each week by all participants - faculty, staff, enrolled graduate students, and regular visitors. PDF versions of the entire issue are available here.

The first paper by Palmer, Soltis, & Chase provides a good overview of all 17 more in depth papers.

Date Leader Reading
Sept 6 Organizational Overview - Chase et al.
Sept 13
Ivalu Fungi - :Lutzoni et al.

Sept 20

Riki Plastids - Keeling
Sept 27 Maggie Red algae - Saunders & Hommersand
Oct 4 Ken Heterokonts and haptophytes - Andersen
Oct 11 Laura Dinoflagellates - Hackett et al.
Oct 18 David Green algae - Lewis & McCourt
Oct 25 Paul Bryophytes - Shaw & Renzaglia
Nov 1 Stephanie Ferns and allies - Pryer et al.
Nov 8 Jay Seed plants - Burleigh & Mathews
Nov 15 Bryan Angiosperms - Soltis et al.
Nov 22 Ben  Eudicots - Judd & Olmstead
Nov 29 Rachel Monocots - Chase et al.
Dec 6 Stacey Reticulate evolution - Linder & Rieseberg
Dec 13 Flor Genome structure - Kellogg & Bennetzen