Botany 940 - Systematics Seminar


Spring 2004

Tuesday 12: 05-12:55

D. Baum, P. Berry, K. Sytsma - instructors

The focus of this seminar will be to examine the field of "phylogeography": We will read the historical literature dealing with the field, more modern analytical approaches to address the issues, and critically examine many of the plant and animal examples using phylogeographical methods or inference. The seminar is thus appropriate for those interested in systematics, genetics, geography, diversity, and evolutionary biology in general. One or two papers will be read each week by all participants - faculty, staff, enrolled graduate students, and regular visitors. PDF versions of the papers will be available through the links below. A more exhaustive citation list on "key innovation" literature will be periodically updated and made available as a Word file.

Date Topic Reading Title + other sources
January 27 Introduction: the classic paper

Avise et al. 1987

Intraspecific phylogeography: the mitochondrial DNA bridge between population genetics and systematics

February 3
First plant examples: the Pacific Northwest Soltis et al. 1997

Chloroplast DNA intraspecific phylogeography of plants from the Pacific Northwest of North America


February 10

Nested clade analysis

Stehlik 2002

Glacial history of the apline herb Rumex nivalis (Polygonaceae): a comparison of common phylogeographic methods with nested clade analysis

February 17 Phylogeography of cassava Olsen & Schaal 1999 Evidence of the origin of cassava: Phylogeography of Manihot esculenta
February 24 Nested clade analysis of leaf beetles Zurita 2000 Nested cladistic analysis, phylogeography and speciation in the Timarcha goettingensis complex (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)
      Templeton 2001; Sites 2003; Hey 2003
March 2   Glacial refugia, post-glacial movements in Eurasia Taberlet et al. 1998 Comparative phylogeography and postglacial colonization routes in Europe
    Petit 2003 Glacial Refugia: Hotspots but not melting pots of genetic diversity
March 9 Phylogeograhy in Amazonia & species diversity Hall & Harvey 2002 The phylogeography of Amazonia revisited: new evidence from riodinid butterflies
March 16 No Class - Spring Break    
March 23 Phylogeography of South American tree species Cavers et al. 2003 Chloroplast DNA phylogeography reveals colonization history of a Neotropical tree, Cedrela odorata L., in Mesoamerica
      Lemes et al. 2003, Novick et al. 2003
March 30 No Class    
April 6 No Class    
April 13 Linear habitats and nested clade analysis Fetzner & Crandall 2003 Linear habitats and the nested clade analyses: an empirical evaluation of geographic versus river distances using an Ozark crayfish (Decapoda: Cambaradae)
      Ballard & Whitlock 2004
April 20 Nested clade analysis - the program GeoDis 2.0 documentation by David Posada and Alan Templeton
      Petit & Grivet 2002, Templeton 2002
      Templeton et al.1995
April 27 Phylogeography of invasives Saltonstall 2002 Cryptic invasion by a non-native genotype of the common reed, Phragmites australis, into North America
    Saltonstall 2003 Microsatellite variation within and among North American lineages of Phragmites australis