Botany 940 - Systematics Seminar

Phylogenetic Nomenclature

Spring 2005

Monday 1:20-2:10

D. Baum, B. Larget, P. Berry, K. Sytsma - instructors

The focus of this seminar will be to examine the field of "phylogenetic nomenclature": We will read the historical literature dealing with the field, more modern issues in the field, compare it to traditional ranked systems of classification and nomenclature, and critically examine some of the plant, animal, and fungal examples using phylogenetic nomenclature. One or two papers will be read each week by all participants - faculty, staff, enrolled graduate students, and regular visitors. PDF versions of the papers will be available through the links below. A more exhaustive citation list on "phylogenetic nomenclature" literature will be periodically updated and made available as a Word file.

Date Leader Topic Reading Title + other sources
January 24   Introduction

January 31
David Baum Classic papers

de Queiroz & Gauthier 1994

Toward a phylogenetic system of biological nomenclature. TREE 9:27-31


February 7

Ben VanEe Brummitt exchange

Brummitt 1997

Taxonomy versus cladonomy, a fundamental controversy in biological systematics. Taxon 46:723-734

February 14 Rachel Schmidt Nixon & Carpenter exchange Nixon & Carpenter 2000 On the other "phylogenetic systematics". Cladistics 16:298-318.
February 21 (cont. discussion) previous two papers   add. reading: Baum et al. 1998. A durian by any other name: taxonomy and nomenclature of the core Malvales. Harv. Pap. Bot. 3:315-330
February 28 Jay Walker case study: mint family Cantino et al. 1999a

Caryopteris (Lamiaceae) and the conflict between phylogenetic and pragmatic considerations in botanical nomenclature. Syst. Bot 23:369-386

add. reading: Cantino et al. 1997

March 7 Daniel Stanton Integrating "Linnaean" and Phylogenetic Nomenclature

Barkley et al. 2004a

Cantino 2004

Linnaean nomenclature in the 21 st Century: a report from a workshop on integrating traditional nomenclature and phylogenetic classification. Taxon

Classifying species versus naming clades. Taxon 53:795-798.

add. reading: Barkley et al. 2004b

March 14 Naomi Delventhal Why we name organisms - thoughts from Peter Stevens

Stevens 1997a

Stevens 1997b

How to interpret botanical classifications - suggestions from history. BioScience 47:243-250

Mind, memory and history: How classifications are shaped by and through time, and some consequences.Zoological Scripta 26:293-301

add reading: Stevens 2002

March 21 Spring Break      
March 28 Riki Olivares Hierarchies in systematics Knox 1998 The use of hierarchies as organizational models in systematics. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 63:1-49
April 4 No Class      
April 11 Marie Trest Phylogenetic nomenclature and classification in fungi

Hibbet & Donoghue 1998

Integrating phylogenetic analysis and classification in fungi. Mycologia 90:347-356
April 18 Ken Sytsma Species names in Phylogenetic Nomenclature

Cantino et al. 1999b

Nixon & Carpenter 2003

Species names in Phylogenetic Nomenclature. Systematic Biology 48:790-807

The PhyloCode is fatally flawed, and the "Linnaean" System can easily be fixed. The Botanical Review 69:111-120

add. readings: Keller et al. 2003, Dayrat et al 2004

April 25 Liliana Katinas & Jorge Crisci The Phylocode in the light of our time: Nomenclature, systematics, biodiversity

Chapman et al. 2002

Raven & Wilson 1992

Guidelines on Biological Nomenclature

A fifty-year plan for biodiversity studies. Science 258:1099-1100

add. reading: Jeffrey 2000 - Biological Nomenclature, 3rd ed.

May 2 Ivalú Cacho TBA