Botany 940 - Systematics Seminar

Journal Club - Recent Advances in Systematics

Fall 2018

Tuesday 12:05-12:55 p.m.

Birge 158

Ken Cameron, Ken Sytsma- instructors

The course in Fall (and some Spring) Semesters is a weekly review of important papers, topical reviews, methodologies, or software published during last 12 months in the broad field of systematics – as it applies to the classification, phylogeny, and evolution of plants (and related organisms). Papers can deal tangentially with ecology, biogeography, paleobotany, plant-animal / fungal / bacerial co-evolution, morphological evolution, gene evolution, genome evolution, etc. but MUST have a systematic or phylogenetic flavor.


Ongoing Seminar: Recent Advances in Systematics. Previous Seminars: Phylogenetics Systematics book reading (17Spring); Advances in Biogeography (16Fall); Speciation (16Spring); Stebbins (1950) Plant Variation and Evolution (15Fall); Phylogenetics and Ecology - the R Perspective (14Fall); Statistical Analysis of Common Ancestry (14Spring); Recent Advances in Systematics (13Fall), Next Gen Sequencing (13Spring), Homology (12Spring), Comparative Methods (11Spring); Evolutionary Transitions (10Fall), Issues in Fern Systematics (10Spring); Darwin's Abominable Mystery (09Fall), Origin of Species (09Spring), Conceptual Issues in Systematics (08Fall), New Advances (08Spring), Polyploidy (07Spring), Crop Evolution (06Fall), Evidence for Evolution (06Spring), Frontiers in Systematics (05Fall), PhyloCode (05Spring), Phylogeography (04Spring), Key Innovations (03Spring)