Botany 940 - Systematics Seminar


Spring 2016

Tuesday 12:00-12:55 p.m.

Birge 346

David Baum, Ken Cameron, Ken Sytsma- instructors



Date Leader Topic
Jan 19 . Introduction and organization
Jan 26 David Baum What is speciation and how should we study it?
Feb 2 Group discussion Species definitions and how we study speciation
Feb 9 Nisa Karimi Allopatric and peripatric speciation
Feb 16 Ken Sytsma Parapatric and sympatric speciation
Feb 23 Ken Sytsma Parapatric and sympatric speciation II
Mar 1 Evan and Shenyi Ecological vs. geographic speciation
Mar 8 Alexa DiNicola Homoploidy and hybrid speciation
Mar 15 Giovanny Mechanisms and genetics of reproductive isolation
Mar 22 Spring Break
Mar29 Alfoso Evolution of post-zygotic isolation
Apr 5 Ken Cameron Selection vs. drift
Apr 12 Chloe Drummond Reinforcement
Apr 19 James McDaniel Species complexes and polyspecies; cryptic and sibling species
Apr 26 Evan and Shenyi Species distributions and phylogeography
May3 Melody Sain Adaptive radiations and co-evolution/co-speciation



Ongoing Seminar: Speciation (Tues, noon). Previous Seminars: Stebbins (1950) Plant Variation and Evolution (15Spring); Phylogenetics and Ecology - the R Perspective (14Fall); Statistical Analysis of Common Ancestry (14Spring); Recent Advances in Systematics (13Fall), Next Gen Sequencing (13Spring), Homology (12Spring), Comparative Methods (11Spring); Evolutionary Transitions (10Fall), Issues in Fern Systematics (10Spring); Darwin's Abominable Mystery (09Fall), Origin of Species (09Spring), Conceptual Issues in Systematics (08Fall), New Advances (08Spring), Polyploidy (07Spring), Crop Evolution (06Fall), Evidence for Evolution (06Spring), Frontiers in Systematics (05Fall), PhyloCode (05Spring), Phylogeography (04Spring), Key Innovations (03Spring)