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Algae - Botany 330Link to department of botany

Coleochaete orbicularis, showing one-cell thick thallusSpondylosium, a psuedofilamentous desmid, showing prominent mucilagenous shell

Algae is an intermediate course satisfying the Biological Sciences Breadth and Communication B Requirements for the B.A./B.S. degrees. Topics include ecology, evolution, systematics, taxonomy, physiology, biochemistry, cell biology, and molecular biology of freshwater, terrestrial, and marine algae and associated heterotrophic protists. Major focus is on roles of algae in past and present global nutrient cycling, species diversity and interactions in aquatic ecosystems, and harmful algal blooms. Lab focus is on identification, culture, analysis of growth and reproduction, and community composition assessment. The use of microscopes and basic molecular techniques used in modern microbial ecology are important components of the lab work.

Prerequisites: A 5 credit introductory botany course (such as Bot. 130) or an introductory biology course.

For more information contact instructors:

Dr. Linda Graham
email: lkgraham@wisc.edu

Marie Trest, Laboratory Coordinator
email: marie.trest@wisc.edu