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Vascular Flora of Wisconsin - Botany 401
Spring 2020

Vascular Flora of Wisconsin is a taxonomic survey and natural history of the ferns, lycopods, horsetails, conifers and flowering plants of Wisconsin, with emphasis on the flowering plants. You will learn the use of keys and the ability to identify by sight a representative sample of families, genera, and species in the vascular flora of Wisconsin. Lecture and lab are integrated together. The final portion of the course (no lecture or lab) is conducted by the student in a forest setting where the student identifies all trees ands shrubs and all plants in flower, fruit, or with spores, and makes a representative plant collection of which some will be mounted.

For more information contact:

Instructor: Ken Sytsma
Office: 250 Birge Hall
Phone: 608-262-4490
email: kjsytsma@wisc.edu

TA sect 301: Valerie Gehn
Office: 301 Birge
email: gehn@wisc.edu

TA sect 302: Tabitha Faber
Office: 319 Birge
email: tjfaber@wisc.edu