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Survey of Botany - Botany 100
Spring Semester


In Spring semesters, Botany 100 will follow a blended learning format: independent work assessed weekly by quizzes (no lectures), plus short lab/discussions. The lab/discussion section (use My UW Student Center for day/time options) is taught by a TA and allows "hands-on" interactions with plants, protists, fungi and other microbes, use of manipulative teaching aids helpful in understanding cell and molecular biology, sessions in the Botany greenhouses and Muir Woods, and experience in group approaches to environmental issues assessment. Lab associated work comprises 1/4 of the total course points.

For more information contact:

Instructor: Dr. Linda Graham
email: lkgraham@wisc.edu

For questions about enrollment, contact:

Marie Trest
Laboratory Coordinator for Botany 100
Office: 137 Birge Hall
Phone: 608-262-7475
email: marie.trest@wisc.edu