Some Famous Last Words

Dr. James Smith, Humboldt State University

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"No, let's not stop here. There will be lots more of them down the road."

"No reason to collect this. It's just a weed."

"I really shouldn't take the last one, but ..."

"This stuff lasts forever in a plastic bag. We'll press all these plants when we get back to campus."

"Sure, dump everything in the same plastic bag. We can sort it out later."

"Are you kidding? Why number them now? We'll never get these specimens mixed up."

"Let's not take the time. We'll be able to find all of these locations on the maps when we get back home."

"No, this plant press isn't too high."

"Why anchor this stuff down? There's no wind."

"Oh well, you probably didn't need the rhizome anyway."

"Get that one. It will fit in the press!"

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