Systematic Links

Direct links to systematic sites that may be useful in the course

* University of Wisconsin Wisflora

[University of Wisconsin Herbarium checklist of vascular plants in Wisconsin; complete with images, distributional maps, habitat, and synonomy]

* Michigan Online Flora

[online key with beautiful images of Michigan's vascular flora including map distributions; up-to-date nomenclature except for names of some monocot families]

* Minnesota Wildflowers

[A field guide type collection of photos and information about wild plants growing in Minnesota]

* Online Key to Wisconsin Asteraceae

[Robert Kowal's on-line key with hotlinks to species pages - this done on the UW Stevens Point website. A pdf of this most recent - 2007 - version is also available]

* Wisconsin - Green Bay Fern Key

[University of Wisconsin Green Bay's excellent key with pictures for Wisconsin ferns and relatives]

* Grasses of Iowa

[online picture key of upper Midwest grasses - best resource for identifying grasses]

* Peter Stevens' Angiosperm Phylogeny Website

[up-to-date APG classification of angiosperms; navigate via "trees" with detailed descriptions of families and other clades]

* Tree of Life web project

[tree based description of relationships of all life; over 3,000 web pages for different groups]

* Joe Felsenstein's Phylogeny Programs Website

[links to nearly 200 different phylogenetic software packages]

* Families and Genera

[Current list of KEW recognized families and their genera - includes synonomy]

* Botanical Society of America

[Homepage for BSA with links to online verison of American Journal of Botany; student membership]

* American Society of Plant Taxonomists

[Homepage for ASPT - publisher of Systematic Botany; student membership]