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Survey of Botany - Botany 100

Bromeliaceae fruit (pineapple) and flowers

Botany 100 is a biological literacy course for non-biology majors that satisfies the Biological Sciences breadth requirement for many undergraduate degree programs. This course emphasizes the usefulness of plants to people and the role of plants in global ecology. Principles of bioscience are illustrated by a survey of microbes and plants in blended learning (spring 2018): independent work assessed weekly by quizzes (no lectures), plus short lab/discussions. Survey of Botany is offered in the spring and summer semesters - see their respective homepages for more information. Open to freshman.


From the 2015 - 2017 Undergraduate Catalog:

100 Survey of Botany. II, SS; 3 cr (B-E). Major emphasis on the roles of plants and microbes in past and present global ecology, and the past and present uses of plants and microbes by humans, including emerging applications of biotechnology. Lectures and short lab/discussions. P: Open to Fr.